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Open panel discussion - public acceptance for nuclear power


On August 23th, in cooperation with PGE EJ 1 Sp. z o.o. and www.swiadomieoatomie.pl in located at the Ciekocinko Stables "Riders Club" - a meeting place for participants of the competition, we organized an open panel discussion, under the theme: "Social Acceptance for Nuclear Energy".

The discussion among panel members, riders of different nationalities, residents of the community and tourists, was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and verify the superficial opinion connected with plans to build Poland's first nuclear power plant.
We are convinced that only knowledge can shape people's attitude to nuclear energy, to overcome the associated with the subject stereotypes and identify new paths for the development of the energy sector in Poland.

Hereby we want to Thank all the particpants of our panel discussion.

  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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