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Let's summarize Baltica Summer Tour 2016


Baltica SUMMER TOUR 2016 was another, already the fifth edition of the international Equestrian Competition in show jumping - Baltica EQUESTRIAN TOUR. This sporting event, which in each subsequent edition grows and develops, now reached the status of the three weeks the Tour – and it is unbeatable.

From 9 to 28 August at the Ciekocinko Stables, one of the most beautiful and historic stable in the country, sports feelings reached its zenith.
It happened not only because of attendance, the impressive rates of international equestrian stars, the amount of competitions and qualifications, in which athletes can earn points for the world FEI Longines Ranking and qualify for the European Championships for seniors Gothenburg in 2017, but most of all, thanks to the organizers, who did Baltica brand recognized not only in Europe but in the world as a synonymous of quality.
Of course, the most important centre pieces of the event during the past three weeks were the next three Sundays, which were coped with Grand Prix class.

And so at the first Sunday of the Tour the Grand Prix CSI2 * was held and it was counting for the FEI Longines Ranking. Course set at a height of 145 cm emerged twelve clear rounds. Among the Riders with a clear round there were four Polish Riders. The best result obtained by Piotr Morsztyn, who finished fifth in the competition. Grand Prix won a twenty-year old rider from Italy - Giulia Levi with 10-year-old gelding Van Dutch. The second was the representative of Luxembourg - Marcel Ewen, British Stuart Neads was third with Lordanos Junior.
The Grand Prix CSI2 * on the second Sunday of the Tour showed the crowd new winner - Nadege Janssen with Rye Val De Mai. The second place was taken by Marcel Ewen from Luxembourg, starting on the stallion Excenel V. The third was a Colombian - Santiago Diaz Ortega riding eight year old gelding Carlsson. The best of Polish competitors was Michal Kazmierczak on Que Pasa 5 - the couple took 6th place.
Bearing in mind the echo of an old song, we can sing, that this last Sunday, belonged certainly to the Swedes. At 13.30 the most important competition of the day has began and it was counting for the ranking Longines Grand Prix CSI3 *. Riders competed in the 1.50 m course and the twelve best from the first round went to the second round. Only two couples from Sweden ended with a zero account, and the time was decisive. Jacob Hellström won with his nine year-old gelding Happy Day Ter Putte. Second place went to Magnus Jacobson with gelding Chewie. With a sensational time, but one mistake in the second round, on the third place was Bruce Goodin. The only Pole who got to the second round was Kamil Grzelczyk on Wibaro, which eventually ended the Grand Prix at twelfth place.

Of course, sport is the most important during Baltici, but also audience can feel fully satisfied, at event such as the second’s Saturday class - Porsche Jump & Drive. In this extremely dynamic sports challenge, contestants had to combine riding and driving skills. The fastest was the Rider from Latvia - Kristaps Neretnieks with Baccaratzz, the 2nd was Santiago Ortega Diaz from Colombia, and the third was Efe Siyahi from Turkey. Competitors are awarded with cash prizes,  but the driving license should be kept in deposit until the end of the Tour, because it is difficult to disagree – they have colourful fantasy behind the wheel and the ability to raise the pressure of the viewer. On the other hand, a costume class, where contestants instead of the traditional tails appeared on the Course as costumed characters from fairy tales for smaller and larger children, it was great fun and a wink to the audience ftom experienced competitors, every day dealing very seriously with their discipline. The winning pair were: Nina Sannum from Norway and Giesteira Rodrigo Almeida of Portugal.
The summer edition of Baltica coincided with the Olympics in Rio, and the organizers made sure that the players can support their equestrian representatives at numerous transmission of the Olympic Games taking place in the Riders Club. White tent between arenas in Ciekocinko at the time of transmission filled the buzz of international calls and exuberant cheering did not stop for several hours. Sports atmosphere definitely found its place here! 

During the summer edition of Baltica organizers took care about the youngest viewers, which are naturally filled with the never ending energy. A sweet pony was waiting for children, the games were prepared by animator – art and movement classes. Organiser offered as well sweet snacks and a lot of soap bubbles floating in the air above their heads, crowns of trees and of course the silhouettes of horses in the jump.
It is impossible not to mention about the localization - host Baltica EQUESTRIAN SUMMER TOUR is not only the Ciekocinko Stables but also the boutique five-star hotel Ciekocinko Palace Resort & Spa. For the duration of the Show Culinary Palace Ciekocinko experiencing a well-deserved renaissance, and guests object can enjoy and savor the taste not only in the palace's restaurants, but also in two additional locations: Veuve Clicquot Riders Club - located in the main axis of walking between the two arenas, and in seasonal Bistro Fish & More - a charming gazebo with whitewashed wood, the shorter side of the main show jumping.

Everyone who appreciate active recreation not necessarily in the saddle, had during the Baltica Summer Tour almost unlimited possibilities to spend time with their sports passions. Starting from jogging in the historic Sommer Weg, driving through the forest on a high-performance GT Avalanche bike, fishing and rowing in one of the two ponds, or play a boule. It's all just in case anyone felt bored by horse riding or passive watching others.

Of course you must also remember that Ciekocinko in a wider perspective is the seaside resort, located less than four kilometers from the beautiful sandy beaches. In high summer season, not only participants, but also the visitors could experience the relaxation at one of the most beautiful beaches of Pomerania and what is especially valuable - still not overcrowded. Yes, such things only in Ciekocinko.

Not only during the days Baltica Summer Tour, passed in intense atmosphere also evenings were filled with good music and fun. Standard and good custom is the will of organizers to entertain participants of BET – and for this reason at every edition of Baltica they are hosting artists. This summer the undisputed star of the Riders Party was MC Jacob A who surely stole the hearts (and legs) of participants.

Standard - and perhaps we should say good custom - is the will of the organizers to entertain the participants, so at every edition of Baltica at Ciekocinko they’re inviting artists, both classical music and how entertainment and dance. This summer, the undisputed star of the evening was the Riders Party A MC Jacob, who kidnapped her dance club music at its best. Our new slogan is “Your Baltica Never Sleeps”.
We have not slept this summer, and as it was with you?


  • Ciekocinko stables
  • Ciekocinko 9, 84-210 Choczewo, North Poland

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