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Marc Bettinger & Faye Schoch will join again the Baltica Spring Tour!


Marc Bettinger – last years Grand Prix winner and his partner, amazing Rider- Faye Schoch will join us for three weeks in May for Baltica Spring Tour!

Let’s have a look who are they… :)

Faye is a Swiss Rider – smiled, open minded and natural-talented Rider. Her parents first sat her on a pony when she was age one week, and she took up riding at an early age in Cressier-sur-Morat, Switzerland. She began competing at age eight. Faye Schoch has represented Switzerland in showjumping.

Marc is a Rider born in Germany in an equestrian Family, His father Wilhelm Bettinger is a showjumper and trainer in Germany so it was natural for him to get involved in this sport.

Marc started to ride when he was 11 years old and his ambition was always to compete in major international championships… and so he did!

His mantra is “Enjoy the day”  and her "Success at work while having fun."– so we think that the fact they’re participating in Baltica Spring Tour is not just a circumstance ;-) They fit in our state of mind for 100%! Can’t wait to welcome them back in Ciekocinko Stables!

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